The STEM Belle Teachers Kit

The strongest factor shaping the educational sector today is technology. There is a need for increased level of technology inclusion in classrooms to drive excellent delivery of STEM teaching and subsequently drive STEM inclusion.

The use of STEM learning resources by teachers will enhance pedagogy and facilitation and will help students to develop logical, critical and creative thinking which are necessary to drive STEM innovations. However, teachers in low income community schools lack sufficient technology resources to effectively teach STEM subjects in their classrooms.

To solve this challenge, The STEM Belle teacher’s kit was created. This is a technology resource kit for our teachers, targeted at aiding, improving and advancing the facilitation and delivery methods of STEM subjects in the classroom.

A total of nine teachers across our impact schools have benefited from this innovation. With the STEM teachers kits at their disposal, they have been able to leverage on visual aids to teach STEM subjects more effectively. More students, especially girls have become interested in studying STEM subjects.

To support more teachers in low income communities who do not have access to technology resources, kindly donate here.


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