The STEM Belle Teachers Fellowship

Teachers as one of the most influential and powerful forces for equity, access to quality education and sustainable global development.

Despite this potential embedded in teachers there is still a huge deficit in the number and quality of STEM teachers available to support students in schools, especially public schools in low income communities.

The need to recruit, train, empower and deploy more STEM teachers to under-resourced community schools is therefore very important towards achieving quality STEM education access, closing the gender gap in STEM fields and ultimately, achieving the 4th and 5th Sustainable Development Goals.

The STEM Belle rolled out her Teachers Fellowship, a first-of-its-kind innovative strategy aimed at recruiting and training indeginious community teachers who have STEM backgrounds and are passionate about STEM education for sustainable development.

The maiden edition of The STEM Belle Teachers Fellowship began in January 2021, with 9 teachers in the first cohort. Our teachers have been well trained on various STEM pedagogy and leadership skills, equipped with the necessary material and resources needed to effectively deliver STEM modules and now deployed to our impact schools, where they are teaching science and STEM subjects in classrooms and organising and executing STEM programs, all targeted at attracting retaining and advancing girls into STEM fields.

Donate, support and partner with us to train and deploy quality STEM teachers to low income community schools.


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