The STEM Belle Students Kit

Studying STEM is expensive. And for low income families in under-served communities, the financial implications of choosing STEM subjects in senior secondary schools discourages parents and guardians from encouraging their children and wards towards STEM classes.

To address this challenge, the STEM Belle kit, a unique product containing various STEM educational materials was designed and launched. The kit is targeted to reduce the cost of studying STEM subjects for students living in low income communities and progressing to senior secondary schools.

The kit is provided at no cost to the students and is designed to sustain the students for the three years in senior secondary school. contains various STEM educational resources such as STEM textbooks, scientific calculators, laboratory materials and personal protection equipment, prospectuses for higher education, amongst so many others.

A total of 17 female students received our kits in 2019, and today 15 of them are currently in science classes in senior secondary school. This is an indication that when resources are made available, more girls will be encouraged to do STEM.

If you will like to sponsor a kit for a girl from a low income household, please send a donation through the donate link or send a message and our correspondence will be in contact with you.


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