The STEM Belle Academic Awards

Rewards play a vital role in increasing interest and engagement, as it honors achievers especially those who might not normally receive acknowledgment for their efforts - like girls.

At The STEM Belle, we rolled out an academic award scheme, which offers a termly tuition and educational materials scholarship to high achieving female students in various STEM subjects across our adopted schools and classes.

The objectives of our academic award are to create a reward system for the high achievers, provide financial relief on the parents of the recipients and spur the interest of more girls towards STEM subjects and subsequently STEM fields.

These awards are given on a termly basis for increased frequency and to provide opportunities to more girls. It has grown to become highly competitive and a major highlight which the girls look forward to at our impact schools at the end of the school term.

Today, The STEM Belle has recognised and awarded 159 school girls from eight schools in Nigeria (Ibadan and Ogun), and Ghana, and this has created more self - confidence, sense of accomplishment, visibility and respect for the recipients.

To donate towards The STEM Belle academic award scheme, please follow the donate link.


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