STEM Mentorship

Mentorship is strategic for development and advancement in STEM careers, providing support to mentees to chart career paths, make critical career decisions, transitions and steps.

Unfortunately, the place and power of mentorship for career growth and development is often overlooked, especially among girls in low income communities and there is very little mentorship avenues available for these girls to explore and grow their dreams and develop their potential in STEM fields.

At The STEM Belle, we establish mentor – mentee relationships between women in STEM industries and academia, and girls in our impact secondary school students, to provide one on one or small group mentorship and guidance on pursuing careers in STEM

Mentorship is important. From helping mentees find direction and gain traction, to broadening their mindsets and network opportunities which can help with strategic career advancement, to helping them overcome potential obstacles in their careers and so much more, indeed, the benefits of mentorship is limitless.

Till date, we have mentored hundreds of girls during career awareness sessions at our impact schools, or at mentorship sessions at our boot camps. With the right mentors, visibility and representation, more girls will take up space in STEM fields.

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