STEM Awareness Creation

Gender biased career stereotype is an important factor that limits girls from taking up careers in STEM fields, attaining top flight and leadership positions in the STEM industry and generally utilizing their full potential.

These stereotypes which have eaten deep into the fabric of society and have been handed down from generations past to girls today. Unfortunately, the effect and influence of these stereotypes are more severe in under-resourced communities.

To solve this challenge, The STEM Belle invites women in various STEM fields to share their success and progress stories of their journey into STEM fields and how they overcame limitations to achieve great heights in their respective STEM industries.

We also create awareness about the diverse career and job opportunities in STEM fields. We give clarity to girls on creating their STEM career paths and help them to identify the correct subject combinations in order to take up STEM courses in universities.

Till date, the STEM Belle has broken gender based stereotypes and has helped over 4000 girls in three different countries to gain clarity on the pathways to a fulfilling career in STEM.

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