Hands on STEM Projects

Embracing a hands-on learning approach is essential in providing quality STEM education. When students engage in hands-on STEM activities, they explore the instructional approach to learning which fosters critical thinking, positive STEM dispositions and subsequently, the students develop a higher interest in pursuing STEM careers.

In order to stimulate interest in STEM subjects and get more girls fit for the future of STEM, we organise school based STEM activity programs where our STEM Belle teachers and subject matter experts teach girls relevant and 21st century STEM skills which they need to flourish in STEM fields.

In this program, over 400 girls from six low income community schools have been trained on how to build simple Tech products such as: 3D printing and modelling, Intruder Alarm System, navigation of an Unmanned Aerial vehicle and Robotics.

Exposing our girls to activity based learning in STEM fields have been highly impactful. It has given them valuable perspective on what is possible for the future and has helped them develop soft skills such as communication, collaboration and confidence which are needed in excelling in core STEM industries.

To prepare more girls for the future by empowering more girls with hands-on STEM skills, kindly donate here.



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