‘Women and girls can be everything: Elegant in stilettoes and confident in steel toes’

STEM Awareness creation

To break gender based bias and correct cultural stereotypes which have been handed down from past generations. These stereotypes hold girls back from utilizing their full potentials, so we invite women to share their success and progress stories of how they overcame these and other limitations to achieve great heights in various STEM fields. We also create awareness about the diverse facets and job and career opportunities in STEM fields.

The STEM Belle academic awards

Rewards play a vital role in increasing interest and engagement. The STEM Belle offers a termly tuition scholarship to high achieving female students in the various STEM subjects across our adopted schools and classes. These awards are aimed at spurring and increasing the interest of girls in STEM subjects and subsequently STEM fields

STEM Mentorship

The place and power of mentorship for career growth and development is often overlooked. We establish mentor – mentee relationships between women in STEM industries and academia, and primary and secondary school students, to provide one on one mentorship and guidance on pursuing careers in STEM

The STEM Belle bootcamp

This is a two-week fully funded summer boot camp, which will bring together 60 high achieving girls and 15 STEM teachers from our impact schools for an intensive and exciting STEM focused on site camp. The maiden edition of the Boot camp took place in Nigeria in August 2019

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