Hey STEM Belle,

Here are some STEM career opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Take advantage of them and share with others who need them.

  1. Cadbury Fellowship 2020, for early career scholars in an African Institution.
    Deadline: 7 February 2020.
  2. Aalto Science Institute international internship program for undergraduate.
    Deadline: 17th January 2020
  3. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships for Doctoral studies, 2020-2021 session.
    Deadline: 17th February, 2020
  4. The Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowships scheme 2020 for mid-career academics and Industrialist
    Deadline: 11 February 2020
  5. The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Mathematical Sciences for Climate Change Resilience Internship Program. Deadline: 20th January 2020 https://www.nexteinstein.org/industry-initiative/ms4cr-3rded/ 
  6. KNI SURF-the-WAVE Fellowships Program for motivated undergraduates interested in carrying out a summer research project in nanoscience. Deadline: 22nd February 2020 https://www.noticebard.com/kni-surf-the-wave-ug-fellowships-caltech-usa/ 
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