stilettos and heels

We are a female led Non-profit, based in Nigeria and with impacts in Ghana and Pakistan. Founded in 2017, The STEM Belle means The Beautiful girl in STEM and we believe that women can be everything: confident in Steel Toes and elegant in Stilettos. We are focused on levelling up the female representation in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics fields by attracting, retaining and advancing more girls and young women to STEM subjects and fields.


To recalibrate the female representation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, by attracting girls from low income communities to STEM subjects retaining the in-STEM classes and subsequently advancing them through to STEM careers.


To close the gender gap in STEM fields by 2030

Our Core Values


Our strategies are planned to become self-sufficient and sustainable over time. We involve the teachers and school’s management in the planning leading up to all our events.


Our strategies and impact school selection processes are unbiased. We pay attention to collate, utilize and report only true and correct reports.


The future is STEM, and through our strategies, we are passionately committed to getting more girls fit for the future.

Target Beneficiaries

Senior primary to secondary school (K4 – K12) female students enrolled in public schools in low income communities

STEM Teachers working with public schools in low income communities

Our Objectives

  • Increase the interest and choice of girl for STEM subjects by creating awareness on the diverse facets and career opportunities available in STEM fields.
  • Provide mentorship support to girls as they journey through STEM subjects and STEM careers.
  • Reduce the cost of studying STEM in secondary school.
  • Empower teachers with modern pedagogical skills of teaching STEM subjects, for increased student engagement and learning.

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